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goods-uv - Upper Valley goods (things) - free or for a cost or being sought

Subject: Upper Valley goods (things) - free or for a cost or being sought


This email list is for posting about any GOOD or THING in the Upper Valley that is being SOLD, offered for FREE, or that someone is SEEKING. It is brought to you free of charge by Vital Communities. Support the work of Vital Communities at


(1) Only post about goods available in the Upper Valley. If you have Upper Valley content that is NOT about a GOOD or THING, post it to either:

* any Upper Valley event, one-time or recurring, free or for a cost.

* for SERVICES for sale, wanted, or free, PLUS anything that doesn’t fit under events

(2) No anonymous posts – If your first and last name are not obvious from your email address, please sign your post.

(3) Keep your tone civil and respectful!

(4) Don't post overly repetitive information

(5) This list is only available in DIGEST form, not as individual emails.

(6) POST a message by emailing and put your post headline in the email subject line. Do NOT email goods-uv-REQUEST@lists.vitalcommunities. That goes to the list manager.

(7) SUBSCRIBE or UNSUBSCRIBE by clicking the corresponding button in lefthand column.

(8) Your posts are not screened before they go live and cannot be edited once made, so take care what you post!

The administration of Vital Communities reserves the right to warn, suspend, or permanently exclude any list subscriber for any abuse or infringement of these list guidelines. To contact Vital Communities with comments or to bring specific issues to their attention, write to


Vital Communities does not control and assumes no legal or editorial responsibility for any content distributed through the community discussion lists. Content is generated by individual subscribers, who each bear responsibility for their individual postings. Content posted to the discussion lists is automatically distributed to the subscribers and Vital Communities cannot retract or modify any such content before it is sent to subscribers. All historical content is publicly accessible in the archives (Vital Communities can remove content from the archives after the fact upon request from the original poster). Volunteer individual discussion list administrators in each town are responsible for post-facto monitoring of the content of a town discussion list and may, at their own discretion, issue private warnings to individual subscribers or public guidelines to the entire discussion list if, in their sole judgment, any of the Posting Guidelines or General Rules are repeatedly violated.

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