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localvore-localag-discussion - A Discussion List about Local Foods and Agriculture in Northern New England

Subject: A Discussion List about Local Foods and Agriculture in Northern New England

Statement of Purpose

Localvores are local food advocates committed to eating foods grown within their local foodshed.

This localvore and local agriculture discussion list is a place for sharing information that will help us find, use and promote foods grown within our northern New England region. It is a place to share sources of hard-to-find local foods, recipes, tips on kitchen gardening and putting foods by; links to outstanding web sites, articles and books; info on locally-grown food events. It is also a place to ask questions relevant to our local food supply.

One of our missions is to create a network of people from neighboring villages to promote and nourish a viable local food system. We cultivate involvement through educational programs, encouraging the sharing of knowledge, skills and resources. In addition to supporting local agriculture and making use of existing assets, we work to build the needed infrastructure to abolish food insecurity. Our goal is to forge self reliance and foster community thereby improving our quality of life.

Upper Valley Farm to school is at

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General Rules

This discussion list operates on the assumption that list postings will be civil and respectful to other list members. No abusive or threatening postings will be allowed. Anyone engaging in what the administration of Vital Communities considers to be abusive language or threats directed towards another list member may have posting privileges revoked.

In order to keep this discussion list useful and dynamic, there should be no verbatim forwarding of content that has already appeared elsewhere. If an article has appeared on the web that would be appropriate to reference in the context of a discussion on this list, please just include the address for the web page on which the article appears. the web page on which the article appears. (This may also be appropriate for lengthy blog-like posts that appear elsewhere – just summarize your point and link to the source.) It is inappropriate to post the content of any private correspondence to or from a list member without the express permission of all correspondents involved.

The administration of Vital Communities reserves the right to warn, suspend, or permanently exclude any list subscriber for any abuse or infringement of these list rules and guidelines. To contact Vital Communities with comments or to bring specific issues to their attention, write to

Legal Disclaimer

Vital Communities assumes no legal or editorial responsibility for any content distributed through its community discussion lists. Content is generated by individual subscribers, who each bear responsibility for their individual postings. Content posted to the discussion lists is automatically distributed to the subscribers and Vital Communities is unable to retract or modify any such content. Volunteer individual discussion list administrators in each town are responsible for post-facto monitoring of the content of a town discussion list and may, in their own discretion, issue private warnings to individual subscribers or public guidelines to the entire discussion list if, in their sole judgment, any of the Posting Guidelines or General Rules are repeatedly violated.

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